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Software Testing Service

Pofi Technologies offers software testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile apps. Software Testing and QA are an integral part of every deliverable. We have an expert testing team to ensure the quality of your deliverables based on different testing dimensions. Join us and don’t compromise the quality of your software. We offer a full cycle of testing services like requirement analysis, test plans, test cases, test execution, bug reports and more.

Boundary Value & Equivalence Testing

This testing technique which is used by us to unveil the limitations of data range and data sets. Boundary testing is used to test the minimum and maximum value limits for all the input fields. Equivalence partitioning method is to test with different types of data sets to reduce the test cases.

Browser Compatibility Testing

People are using different kind of browsers and that too in different versions so it is necessary to showcase your software equally across multiple web browsers. We do browser compatibility test to ensure the software is compatible across multiple browsers.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is one of the important testing methodologies to determine the scalability or reliability of the software. We perform performance testing in different variants like load testing and stress testing to check the various hardware requirements of the software.

Functionality Testing

It is a testing technique which is used by our testing team to test the entire functionality of the software. During this testing process, our test engineers uncover almost all the functions in software and checks whether it meets the functional requirements. Below is some of the functionality testing technique which is used by our testing team to discover all the major functionality issues.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing ensures that the major functionalities of the software are working or not. This test is used to reduce the errors within the initial stage and ensures a bug-free build for the further development process.

Regression Testing

It is a software testing methodology to confirm that already executed test cases are re-executed to ensure that they are still functioning smoothly after some enhancements.

Sanity Testing

It’s a surface level testing which ensures if it is really reasonable to proceed with in-depth testing. In some scenarios, this test can be used to check whether the functionality works roughly as expected.

Mobile App Testing

We do mobile app testing on various dimensions and ensure that the capacity of internal processors, internal hardware, screen sizes, resolution, space or memory, camera, radio, Bluetooth, WIFI, call, message etc. should act same as their nature while using the app.

Usability Testing

To make sure that the mobile app is easy to use and offers a user-friendly experience.

Compatibility Testing

Testing an application in different mobiles devices, browsers, screen sizes and OS versions according to the requirements.

Interface Testing

Testing of menus, buttons, icons, and navigations of the application.

Services Testing

Testing the services of the application online and offline.

Low-Level Resource Testing

Testing of memory usage, auto-deletion of temporary files, local database growing issues known as low-level resource testing.

Performance Testing

Testing the performance of the application by changing the internet connection from 2G to 3G, battery and memory consumption, etc.

Operational Testing

Testing of backups and recovery plan if a battery goes down, or data loss while upgrading the application from a store.

Installation Testing

Validation of the application by installing /uninstalling it on the devices.

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