Clients Requirements

The client needs an airbnb-like vacation rental platform that enables people to search and list rental space like holiday rentals, apartments, villas, bungalows etc. The web application should be highly transparent with the features for guest as well as for the hosts. For that they need exquisite search options, to make flexible and accurate search options. “Search by multi locations”, “Search nearby Places” & “Itinerary Planner” is the three distinguished requirements put forwarded by the client. These search options give hassle-free search experience for the end-users. Trust verification factor is included between the guest and host for the credibility and reliability.


  • Bring up an airbnb clone website which allows listing, search and book their lodgings through online.
  • Give space for hosts to showcase their rental properties and excellent dashboard facilitates for tracking their sales conversion.
  • Search by multi locations- Once if a user performs a search, by using more than one location then the search result appeared by listing all the properties along with the distance and time took to reach those properties. So that it’s very easy to find the nearby properties with the distance and travel time based on the multiple locations
  • Search nearby places- This would be familiar with Google map. This feature let you discover with the nearby places like hotels, schools, parks, bus stations, railway stations around your selected property
  • Itinerary Planner- This allows the user to done with multiple properties booking systems. The users are able to book multiple properties for either same or different locations
  • Secured SMS gateway integration has been implemented for the verification process among Host and Guest
  • Integration of additional payment gateway called “Atom”.


Integration of Google Distance Matrix API which let the users know about the distance and travel time of properties during multiple location searches. This feature automatically calculates the distance and time for each property based on different locations.


We delivered an airbnb like platform with updated theme and airbnb experience module. Now the admin can earn more using the experience module.