Elevate your business standard with Grofers Clone app

Our integrated design gives users the possibility to access the application through various devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PC. To increase user strength, our clients demand for developing website and mobile applications connected via android and ios devices.

Our setup comprises a live tracking feature which helps to track customer orders until successful delivery. This facilitates the user to know the estimated delivery time of the products.

The users are able to place orders effortlessly in a few taps with this single check-out page. To enable faster checkouts, our application has combined payment gateways with multiple payment modes.

This application allows customers to immediately place orders and previously set their delivery date and time for later. This property helps the user to save time and eliminate difficulties during stock outs.

Efficient workflow model of Grofers Clone

The mobile based application of Grofers Clone gives a proper structure of the work process in the below steps.

The users can create a new account and browse to check out different vendors and their products.

Choose the products and add them to the cart. With variable payment options, the customer can make faster checkouts.

The store receives notification on order request and sends a pick-up request for the delivery executive.

The restaurant prepares the food in the meantime and the assigned delivery executive arrives at the store.

The shop packs the order ready and the delivery driver collects the parcel from them.

The driver delivers the order to the customer location. Based on the service, users provide ratings and reviews.

Customized Grofers Clone to achieve potential delivery for various market demands

Launch a perfect Grofers Clone application for different business setups. Our team of professionals provide ready-to-serve scripts to three different store establishments like single stores, grocery chain systems and startups.If you want to develop software for running your sole organization, our concept will suit you. We provide extended support to deliver applications for grocery chain systems.

Create your own brand in a diverse range of locations and admit your customers to access their needs from nearby outlets. Are you interested in executing an online grocery system for your startup? Our feature-rich clone will serve you with what exactly you are looking for.Store owners can widely make use of this extensive online delivery solution equipped with an admin dashboard to perform hassle free management. Whatever the service type may be, we aim to deliver a 100% optimised solution that fits your industrial requirements.

What does Grofers Clone offer you?

Customer panel

Enable the users to purchase their day-to-day requirements from the nearest supermarkets and grocery stores.Our intuitive platform with tailor-made features and attractive interface design allow the users to enjoy absolute interactive benefits.

Store panel

Manage the stocks in your store with a coherent inventory tracking system. With effective functioning of this system, the entrepreneurs can record data about product availability and maintain an organized working environment.

Delivery panel

Build a communicative network with partnering stores and the users to improve quality of customer services. Grofers Clone engages the personnel team to provide customers what they want by synchronizing with the shop owners.

Admin panel

Our admin dashboard collects and analyzes user data to create statistical reports which helps to retrieve business sales information and monitor the current market status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Grofers Clone differ from others?
Grofers Clone is a quick software solution to construct your online grocery delivery platform. We develop customized applications for both websites and mobile based platforms according to your preferences in no time.
Yes, we offer technical assistance round the clock for our valuable clients. Our sales team will provide entire support if you face any system-related issues or installation errors.
Our team gathers the client requirements and creates a pricing list based on additional features Click here to get quotes for your projects.

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