Release Notes

Shopurfood Version 2.1
  • Introduced loyalty program for the customer
  • Added special offers and discount features for customers
  • Brought time slots for both restaurants and menus.
  • Enabled advanced filter and search options for menus
  • Introduced wallet feature for customers
  • Released restaurant mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Introduced multiple restaurant checkout features
  • Added order cancellation feature for both restaurants and users
  • Enabled refund option for canceled orders
  • Included referral program - "refer a friend"
  • Brought in delivery fee for riders based on distance or hour
  • Included item stock management for restaurant
  • Released customer and rider mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • Integrated order tracking for restaurant and customer
  • Introduced order tracking for customers
  • Enabled vendor/restaurant front-end registration
  • Integrated new search option to locate restaurants
  • Added new email templates for order notifications
  • Incorporated newsletter subscription module
  • Included paid advertisement module for restaurants
  • Enabled wishlist feature for items
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Enabled Google Analytics Integration
  • Separate dashboards for admin, restaurant, delivery manager and customer
  • Category and menu management tools
  • Introduced social media logins for customer
  • Overall site settings (general settings, payment settings, social media settings)
  • User-friendly search option for customers
  • Integrated English and Arabic as default multi-languages
  • Integrated default payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Ratings and review management system for restaurant and items
  • Effective order management panel
  • Commission tracking for both admin and restaurant
  • Pre-order - Customer can schedule the order
  • Re-order- Customer can repeat their favorite orders