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Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard let the website owner manage the whole website including the restaurants, customers, orders etc effectively. The admin can initialize some sub-admin modules with selected access rights.

Manage Category

Admin can define multiple categories for the restaurant listings. The customer can filter the restaurants based on these categories.

Manage Cuisines

Admin can add and manage various cuisines. The vendors can choose the appropriate cuisines while listing the restaurants.

Manage Vendors

Admin can manage vendors using the admin dashboard. Admin can monitor each vendor’s item, orders, payments, delivery status, reviews etc.

Manage Users

Admin can keep track of all users’ details and their order history. Admin can send newsletter and other promotional activities using the customer details.

Manage Advertisement

Admin can run banner ads for restaurants. The restaurants have to pay advertisement charges for the admin to manage the ads.

Sub Admin Management

Admin can add and manage other people as sub-admin and assign particular modules of the system to handle separately.



Social Media Login

Login and Signup make easier with our SHOPURFOOD. Anyone can log in using Facebook, Google Plus and also through your email.

Smart Search Options

We have introduced two simplified filter options called "filter by cuisine" and "filter by offered payment method".

Ratings & Reviews

Users can easily rate and review either the restaurant or the menu items. Admin and restaurants can manage the reviews post by the users.


The customer gets notified with Email notification at each stage after placing the order.

My Orders

The past orders can be viewed, as well as the user can look at the current selection, before making it final.

Live Tracking

Our mobile app is featured with live delivery tracking. The customer can view and track the delivery through the app.


The customer can place an order from a restaurant as ‘pre-order’ and the restaurant will serve the order at user preferred time.

Table Booking

A user can book a table in a particular restaurant for dine-in instead of placing an order.


It is similar to the wishlist feature. A user can add (or label) a restaurant or an item as their favorites.



Vendor Dashboard

This allows viewing the restaurant's operations like order history management, menu building etc with a single dashboard. Focus on the key order delivery metrics that drive revenue.

Manage Orders

The restaurant admin can manage and monitors each order of the users and the current order status.

Manage Delivery

Delivery will be handled by the restaurant owner. The vendor can assign and manage the delivery boy for dispatching the orders.

Manage Item

Restaurant admin can add or manage any number of menus and item descriptions based on the category and cuisines.

Manage Payments

Restaurants can set the payment preference (cash-on-delivery and online payments) for the customers which is defined by the site admin.

Restaurant Availability

The restaurant admin can manage their availability timings (open/close). A user can place an order only from the restaurants which are available at that time.



Driver Panel

A separate panel is maintained for the driver or delivery boy to manage his orders and deliveries effectively.

Assigned Order

Restaurant admin will assign and manage the delivery boy. The vendor can schedule the delivery based on the availability of the delivery boy.

Delivery Boy App

A native app will simplify the delivery process. Delivery boy will use the app to manage the delivery as well as to track the user location.


Mobile App

User App

Shopurfood - food ordering clone script provides native mobile apps for the users to search for their desired restaurants and place an order through a user-friendly platform. The restaurants can boost their business through the mobile app and admin can earn more revenue. The user can track their order in live using the app.

Driver App

A restaurant owner can manage their delivery, using a separate app interface for the delivery boy. Using the app a delivery boy can easily track their delivery location. Restuarnt owner can assign a delivery for the delivery boy and each order is effectively dispatched to the users by using the app.



RTL-Web & Mobile Apps

Web Hosting Services

Additional Language for Mobile Apps

Self-Pickup Module

Order Verification/Order Confirmation

Guest Checkout/Guest Order

Coupon Code


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