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The site admin can monitor and manage the entire website functionality like managing restaurants, customers, drivers, orders, transactions etc. The admin can assign sub admin modules with limited privileges.

Manage Category

The admin can create multiple categories, based on the categories restaurant listings will appear. The user can filter restaurants based on these categories.

Manage Cuisines

The admin can define and manage cuisines. The restaurant owners can assign the suitable cuisines when listing the restaurants.

Manage Vendors

The site owner can add and manage restaurant owners. The restaurant can be added only after adding the restaurant owner details.

Manage Users

The admin can keep track of entire users database including their order and transaction history. Admin can send newsletters as a part of promotional activities to the users.

Manage Advertisement

The admin can run and manage banner advertisement for restaurants. The restaurant has to pay a nominal fee for runnings the ads.

Sub Admin Management

The admin can add and assign other persons to monitor (or manage) the website. Each person will be handling each module of the website with limited access rights.

Commission Management

As per the requirement, our food delivery app clone supports both unique commission (vendor based commission) as well as common commission (common commission for all vendors)

Tax Management

Admin can define the tax label and tax percentage based on the country.

Site Earnings

Admin can monitor the entire commissions and money flow in the website using this feature.

Cancellation Reason List

admin can define the cancellation reason list both for user and restaurants. So while canceling the order either the user or vendor should mention the reason for order cancellation.

Document Management

The site admin should get the details regarding the restaurant and delivery boy. The admin should maintain these details as documents.

Email Notifications

The site admin will be notified by all the activities (forgot password, order management, order invoice etc) which is happened in the website through email.



Social Media login

Our online food ordering clone makes the login or signup process easier. Shopurfood is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus.

Filter Options

Our online food ordering script contains two advanced filter options, “filter by cuisine” and “filter by offered payment method”.

Rating and Reviews

Users can give ratings and reviews for the restaurant as well as menu items. Admin and restaurant owners can manage the reviews given by the users.


The user gets notified with notifications via email from order placement till then order dispatch.

My Order

The user can view past orders, and also can view the user's current order before making it final.

Live Tracking

Our food ordering app is highlighted with live delivery tracking. The user can track the delivery through our mobile app.


The user can place an order from a restaurant as “pre-order”. The restaurant will serve the order at user preferred time.

Table Booking

Instead of placing an order the customer can book a table at a restaurant for dining in for a specified time. The restaurant can specify their slots.


This is similar to their wishlist. A user can any restaurant or restaurant item into their favorite lists.

Search Options

The user can easily find the restaurants by using our smart search options, “Search by Pin Code” and “Locate Me (getting geo-location based on GPS)”.

Save Address

Save address option allows user to receive their orders delivered to already save address. User can simply add their address for delivery and use it for future orders.

Repeat Orders

The customer can repeatedly order their favorite items in a single click from their last orders.

Special Instructions

The user can mention special instructions to the restaurants on every order.

Order Cancellation

The customer can cancel the order and replace the order with new items. Refund is not possible in our application.



Vendor Dashboard

This allows the vendors to manage the restaurant’s operations like order management, transaction management, delivery management, menu building and so on.

Manage Orders

The vendors can manage and monitor each and every order from the users effortlessly. The restaurant admin can also cancel the orders from the customers.

Manage Delivery

Order delivery will be managed by the restaurant owner. The vendors can assign and manage the delivery boy for dispatching each and every order.

Manage Item / Menu

The restaurant owner can build and manage the restaurant menu or items easily. Each menu will be displayed based on the category and cuisines.

Manage Payments

Restaurants can define the payment preference for the customers like “cash-on-delivery, Paypal, and Stripe”.

Restaurant Availability

The restaurant owner can manage their restaurant availability timings (open/close). A user can place an order only from the restaurant which is available at that time.

Automatic Delivery Allocation

when order placed by the customer, our app automatically find the nearby driver to the restaurant and send order notification. Once the driver accepts the order, he can pick up the items from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer.


Delivery Manager


Delivery manager dashboard comprised of managing orders, commission tracking and more.

Commission Tracking

Delivery manager can view details about order amount, total commission and paid amount details.

Order Management

Order management helps in viewing already done orders and transaction details.

New order management

New order management offers details about restaurants, customers, and order date, amount and payment status.

Delivery boy management

Delivery manager can manage delivery boys by adding or editing and blocking delivery boy information. They can assign maximum order limit value by fare and vehicle type to individual delivery boys.


User App (Our Mobile Apps Are Under Development)

Shopurfood - food ordering clone app provides native mobile apps for the users to search for their favorite restaurants and place an order through a highly user-friendly platform.

Driver App

A driver can manage their delivery, using a delivery boy app interface. Using the driver app a delivery boy can easily keep track of the restaurant and user delivery location, his earnings etc.

Restaurant App

The restaurant owner can build their restaurant menu, manage orders and assign delivery for the delivery boy and each order is effectively dispatched to the delivery section by using the app.



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