Advanced Ecommerce Solutions for Growing Brands

The days of shoppers relying on brick-and-mortar stores are long gone. In recent years we have seen the rise of e-commerce, where consumers usually choosing to do business with companies that cater to and understand their individual needs.Normally website visitors can be skittish. If you are able to convert them into paying customers, you can make more sales without ever having to change a price. But for that to happen, you need to clear the path to purchase.

For an e-commerce platform, it is essential to find and reach the potential customers. To make your online business successful, you must need some special e-commerce business strategies to improve your conversions Applying the Intelligent marketing Strategies to increase conversion rates is essential to e-commerce business logic. To compete with the apparently limitless e-commerce options out there, it's essential to leverage e-commerce marketing techniques to build customer trust and stand out in a sea of copycats.

Everyone is selling products online, but to be successful, business should have innovative conversion strategies with latest technologies applied such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science. If you aim high, then innovative ecommerce solutions driving sales and customer retention should be applied in your online portal. We address ecommerce solutions by Behavioral Targeting & Psychographic Targeting.

Our ecommerce solutions not only focus on improving sales and customer retention, but also on other parameters such as
  • Track your Trends
  • Better showcase products
  • Find big spenders
  • Customer Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Know Your Customer
  • and More...

Adapt your Online Store to Customers Behavior

Behavioral Targeting is one of the customer segmenting techniques based on their behaviors. Nowadyas behavioral targeting is extensively used by online advertisers and ecommerce industry to present targeted ads to the consumers by tracking information about their browsing interest and behavior. In recent days this methodology is used by Ecommerce giants to yield surplus conversions. The important benefit of Behavioral Targeting is the intelligence to organize the customers based on the terms related to their behaviors inside the ecommerce portal.

Imagine that knowing exactly who's interested in your product and when they are ready to buy it. That is the ultimate promise of behavioral targeting. By acquiring behavioral targeting techniques to your online store you can target many potential customers and will boost your online store sales up to 100%.


Psychographics Targeting for Data-Driven Marketers

This can be a powerful way of marketing the same product to people from different demographics. Every customer has a different psychographic make up, analyzing that and grouping similar characteristics together is the start of psychographic segmentation.

Consider a college student lifestyle, a college student leads absolutely different life when compared to a senior citizen, and someone living in a rural area has much different needs than someone living in a place like Los Angeles. People of different lifestyles also have different ways of consumption and different levels interests. At POFI Technologies, we drive through these kinds of psychographic targeting to derive various kinds of buyer persona.

Through psychographic segmentation, we'll get a more precise match between the product & each segments needs and wants. This helps you to achieve a greater ROI in digital advertising, such as PPC & FB Advertising.POFI Technologies has in-house experience to deliver what you need.

Establishing a strong e-commerce business doesn't have to be confusing. Invest in good tools, leverage your data, boost your brand's presence, and stay connected with your customers across all channels. You already run a great business — now take these e-commerce strategies and utilize them to break away from the pack and take your brand to the forefront of your industry. We can customize the ecommerce solutions according to different industry.

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