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Car Rental Script

Start your car renting platform in minutes using MyTaxiSoft Car Rental Script.

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Unlimited Car Listing

Car owners can list “n” number of cars in our car rental platform effortlessly.

Unlimited Riders/Passengers

Car rental script allows “unlimited number of Riders/Passengers” to book cars.

Unlimited Car Owners

Car rental script allows “unlimited number of Car owners” to list their cars.

Hourly Rental

Riders can rent the car for particular hour of the day and return the vehicle at the end of their reservation.

Extend Booking

Guest can simply extend their car booking by sending a booking request for the additional days they are renting a car from host.

Host Cancellation

Car owners have permission to cancel his car booking that a guest has booked for renting.

Multi Language & Multi Currency

This car rental script offers intuitive user experience by providing multi language and multi currency support.

Hire Car

User can choose whether to hire a driver or not. When a user choose for “Without driver” option, he have to give valid driver information to rent host car.

Internal Messaging System

Host and guest can communicate in this interactive message system to discuss regarding their booking and renting cars.

Secured Payment Gateways

Guest can pay their bills using PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.NET. If you want other payment gateways we can add as per your request.

Ratings & Reviews

User can share their experience with the vehicle and it’s accessories as ratings and reviews in car rental script.


Riders / Passengers

Advanced Filters

Advanced search filters assists user to search their desired car based on filters such as Car types, model, price, location and more.

Passenger Verification

Passenger should get verified from admin using email or SMS verification.

Social Media Login

User can simply login using their social media accounts like Google+ and Linkedin.

User Dashboard

Riders/Passengers have their own dedicated dashboard to view their recent activities such as previous trips, upcoming trips, Wishlist transaction history, ratings & reviews with car rental script.

Location Based Rental

Riders can find and rent a car with easy location based search respect to his location.

Car Booking Options

Riders/Passengers can book their desired car with the following booking options “Instant pay” “Request to book”

Ratings & Reviews

Riders/Passengers can share their experience with the vehicle and it’s accessories as ratings and reviews in car rental script.

Calendar Options

Using calendar option, Riders/Passengers can easily book the car based on its availability status.

Cancellation Policy

Riders/Passengers will get refund based on cancellation policies. Cancellation policies available in our car rental script are Flexible, Moderate and Strict.


Riders/Passengers can raise disputes against a host during or after renting their car. Admin can resolve the issue.

Fuel Options

Riders/Passengers can fill the fuel of their own or rent the car with filled fuel. For the used fuel, amount is charged from users.


Car Owners

Unlimited Listing

With unlimited listing option, fleet owners can easily add their car listing.


Car owners can easily manage their car listing and check upcoming and previous transaction history with host dashboard.


Car owners can list any kind of cars based on car types and models in categories mentioned in car rental platform.

Car Owner Verification

Car owners must get document verification approval from admin. Only verified host can receive car booking request.

Car Features

Host can list their cars with all detailed specification to get more customers.

Availability Status

Using the calendar option host can change the availability of their listed cars and set special pricing rules.

Car Booking Management

Host can set their preferred booking options for their car listing and easily manage their bookings from guest.

Transaction History

Host can simply view his previous and upcoming transaction from his dashboard.

Fixed Rate

Host can define the minimum and maximum rate for each of his car listing based on category type.



Admin Dashboard

Admin can view all site activities like managing guest, host, car listing, transactions, commissions and more. Admin has the centralized authority to control the entire site. For every car booking, admin gets service charge from users based on car listing type and model.

Revenue Management

Admin can earn money in two major ways. Car listing fee and booking fee are the interesting revenue generating streams in our car rental script.

Service Charges

For every car booking, admin gets service charge from users based on car listing type and model.

Transaction Management

Admin can manage all transactions, commissions and reports of users.

Manage User

Admin can add guest, host and car listing. Admin can block or unblock any guest or host and their listing.


Marketing and SEO

SEO Supported

Car rental script comes with SEO supported content management system and SEO friendly URL structure with Google analytics.


Newsletter works as a powerful tool to build a strong relationship with your customers and increase your conversion rates.

Social Sharing

Car rental script offers “social sharing “to share your car listing across all major social media platforms. It increases car rental website awareness and brand promotion.

Similar Listings

Car rental property listing in same location will be listed as “similar listings”.

Featured Listings

Cross selling technique which promotes car rental listing in specific location as “Featured listing”.


Conversion Tool

Coupon Code

Our car rental script enables the exclusive feature of availing coupon code for all listed cars. Host can use coupon codes to attract more customers.


Guest can bookmark his favorite car listing and he can use the wish list item repeatedly.

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