Car rental booking - customer app

Easy bookings with customers application

Booking options

The customers can make instant bookings with the “instant pay” option or else choose “Extended booking” options to increase their trip duration.

Internal messaging system

Let customers communicate with rental owners regarding their bookings, cancellations or any other reservations related queries directly.

Rental options

Our user-friendly rental software showcases rentals on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. Which helps users to make flexible bookings.

Coupon code

Our special coupon code features enables us to offer discounts for potential customers. Now retain loyal customers and convert new users easily.

Now Renting is simple - Renter dashboard

Social media login

Customers prefer user-friendliness, ensure to provide a simple social media accounts login like Google, Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

User verification

Verification process is essential for renters, you can submit Email and ID proof (Passport, Driving License) to verify your account.

Manage rentals

The user has complete control to make changes regarding the availability of rentals, their pricings, locations, etc.

Access Special prices

Allow customers to set flexible pricings or rental rates for some occasions like festive seasons , weekend or holidays for extra income.

Car rental renter dashboard
Car rental admin dashboard

Admin dashboard for seamless rental operations

Manage bookings

Drive more users with our seamless booking options. Our software helps to monitor every reservation for smooth workflow.

Calendar options

Let customers choose their rental dates from the calendar option conveniently. Which enables them to enjoy rentals hasslefree.

Commission tracking

Our software is highlighted with commission tracking tools to improve your business. Easily track your site earnings and revenue up-to-date.

Referral program

Allow customers to enjoy referral benefits. Let your referrer and referee get some perks of extra credits which can be used for next booking.