Why should Businesses invest in on-demand delivery apps

  • 09 Oct 2020

The on-demand delivery apps have come as a boon in our fight against the pandemic and to stay away from the contagion. It has been almost a decade now since we started using on-demand delivery apps and with the outbreak of the pandemic, the apps have almost become an inevitable element of our day to day lives. Customers can place online orders using an app and get the things delivered to their doorsteps and indeed stay away from the contagion.

Uber, way back in March 2009, disrupted the traditional cab booking services by starting its operations in San Francisco and as we know now, the brand has grown to be one of the most reputed, popular and successful service providers.

Many businesses, inspired by Uber, across a multitude of industries started the “Uber for X” model into their business to provide customers with on-demand and same day delivery facilities. 

If you take the case of Grofers, Grub Hub, Lyft and Post mates, all became established enterprises from being startups, through the on-demand delivery model. It is a fact that on-demand delivery apps can contribute significantly to change the traditional ways into more customer friendly methods of conducting business, while meeting the consumer needs even more efficiently acting as a bridge that eliminates the gap between consumers and the business model. 

The on-demand delivery apps are made to deliver anything at the doorstep of the customer irrespective of what product it is. Let us take a look at how the on-demand economy is poised before going into how it benefits businesses in this highly competitive era. 

Amazing on-demand delivery stats   

  • Around a staggering 49% of on-demand customers are millennials according to HBR survey

  • According to a survey by Burson-Marsteller’s, 86 million Americans have already used on-demand apps

  • The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in percentage for on-demand food delivery business, worldwide, stands at a whopping 14% from 2018-20

  • Apptopia data reveals that on-demand delivery apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, Shipt and Target have shown an increase in the daily downloads in the likes of 218%, 160%,124% and 98% respectively in the recent past. 

These facts indeed puts light on how significantly the on-demand delivery apps are changing the approach of customers towards shopping and why it is important for businesses to invest in an on-demand delivery app to penetrate further into their customer base

Here are more reasons 

Doing your business in an easy way 

On-demand delivery apps provide the perfect platform, where your business meets customers directly, in a digital way. Most of the consumers use smartphones for their shopping and through the app you can reach such customers, helping you to grow your business considerably. This helps you to conduct your business in an easy manner than any previous methods and also generate more revenue by reaching maximum customers

Increased Efficiency  

The services you offer become more efficient and timely than any traditional methods you use to conduct your business by switching to an on-demand delivery app. Your business is digitized and automated, reducing the time of each transaction as there are no middlemen involved. No more standing in long queues. It also helps in building the trust factor of your business with your consumers

A plethora of payment options 

The payment options offered by an on-demand delivery app to customers are many, ranging from cashless options like credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets and debit cards. Secure and swift online payments are the need of the hour and the app provides exactly that to consumers. 

Real-time tracking 

For brands and customers alike, this is one feature which is a major plus. They can track the delivery of services or products in real time using the app and thus maintain a transparent trade channel. This helps to build trust between the brand and the customer.Customers can also get an exact time on when their products will arrive. 

Highest ROI  

High end technologies are incorporated in the development of an on-demand delivery app. Therefore it reduces the dependency on humans and provides automation. This helps to save money on operational costs. The app can manage every important process of your business like marketing, receiving orders, tracking deliveries and also answering customer queries. The on-demand delivery app therefore provides a high ROI by being cost-effective 



 This is indeed the right time to invest in an on-demand delivery app to perform all your business tasks efficiently and to reach maximum customers and thus expand your business empire. 

All the best and stay safe!