Why Have a Multi-Vendor App (Mobile App) for your Ecommerce Business

  • 03 May 2019

We have arrived and are in a place of the digital world. Everything runs digitally and the importance of the online business is also grown tremendously in recent years, which is still growing in every business vertical. Now since the online business and internet has grown highly, everyone has access to the internet and digital world in their hand – Mobile. With the advancement in both internet and mobile, business needs to set up in a way that user can get into their website with the Mobile apps. This is where the importance of Mobile apps was noticed.

According to Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2018, 45% of users prefer a mobile device to browse and purchase online. Users feel it much more comfortable in using mobile apps for shopping in ecommerce platform. Mobile apps no doubt are convenient and handy to use from anyplace anytime. But the use of Mobile apps for an ecommerce website and business is more than just convenience.

10 Reasons why your ecommerce business needs Mobile App

  • Ease of Accessibility

  • Notifications & Updates

  • Apps better over Browser

  • App referrals

  • Interactive Engagement

  • Branding and Design

  • Low Cart Abandonment Rate

  • Voice search

  • High Revenue

  • Device Payment Options

1. Ease of Accessibility

As said, since smartphones are easy to carry, people go everywhere with a Smartphone in their hand. Mobile apps help in connecting seamlessly and interact with customers.

2. Notifications & Updates

Users can be notified of the updates through multi vendor apps. Any new updates or offers which a user is eligible; they can be notified instantly through the mobile apps.

3. Apps Better over Browser

While using a browser, the user needs to remember the URL of the store. While using an App, users can log in with just a tap on the app icon. Based on the study by ComScore, 78% of users feel it convenient to use mobile apps on Smartphone rather than using a browser in the Smartphone.

4. App Referrals

While helping users with convenience, it is possible to retain customers by giving referral discounts when they invite their friends and family and creating a social buzz. Since the apps have a sharing button, the apps can be used to circulate on a larger scale.

5. Interactive Engagement

Since all the mobile apps have the two-way interface, users get the immersive experience by the Mobile Apps. There can be large user engagement when the users can share the image with anyone they want to show what they’ve bought through just one click. This is possible only in the Mobile App and not on a browser.

6. Unique Designs

One can create and customize the mobile Apps according to the company’s brand. The colors, layout, etc can be virtually changed using an app for a unique vision for your user. This will help you in having visitors 24*7. Apps can be developed to have unique designs of drag, pinch, and hold and tap options for increasing user-friendliness.

7. Cart Abandonment Rate

With the help of multi vendor shopping cart software, ecommerce business can lower their cart abandonment rate. According to the reports, when there is a 68 percent cart abandonment rate, it is only 28 percent in mobile apps.

8. Voice Search

Another trending feature in mobile apps is using the Voice search option. Users can easily use the voice search option instead of typing a whole lot of words.

9. High Revenue

Believe it or not, according to the reports of Statista, mobile apps will be generating projected revenues of 188.9 billion by 2020 which is very huge revenue.

10. Device Payment Options

Once after downloading the app, users will use features of camera which helps in making payments using the bar codes, QR codes and use of fingerprint for the mobile apps.

In conclusion, the emergence of e-commerce mobile apps or the multi vendor app has helped in wildly accelerating sales since mobile apps are user-friendly. Users are turning to use mobile apps because of its easy availability, high accessibility, time-saving.

If you are thinking to start an ecommerce platform, do not forget to invest a little amount in having mobile apps to meet the growing demands of technology and market to stand out from your competitors as this is the best time in starting your mobile apps before your competitor does.