Top airbnb for x business opportunities for startups

  • 26 Dec 2018

Airbnb is a successful business concept all around the globe. The concept of airbnb is simple. Host can rent their unused living space to travelers who can find unique places to stay while exploring the world. Many startups are borrowing this unique business model to accelerate their business growth. Whether you are aspiring to start a business in travel and tourism industry or having unused properties(Car, Boat, Bike, Space rentals) to rent,” Airbnb for X” business model create successful business for your idea. People who look for renting properties find right services for their needs with a rental website with “Airbnb for X” concept.

Here I’m sharing the best startup business opportunities to start from following “Airbnb for X” business model concept.

Airbnb for Cars

Airbnb for cars is a peer to peer car rental platform where car owners rent their cars for people to explore the world. Car owners who have many unused cars can make use of this platform to list and rent their cars for renters. Car owners and admin of the rental platform makes money for listing and renting car to customers. The rise of vehicle rental needs increased the demand for car rental platforms.

Airbnb for Spaces

Airbnb for Spaces is an online platform for people to list, find and book short term spaces for their unique event experiences. It’s a network of local hosts and affiliates to access unique spaces and finds its offering to make sure only best venues are listed on the platform. Splacer is a one such kind of example for airbnb for spaces online platform.

Airbnb for Boats

“Airbnb for boats” is boat rental platform for people to rent best boats for their needs. Online boat rental platforms such as Antlos and boat setter are successful business in boat renting. They offer inexpensive sailing holidays making them easily accessible who have always considered as luxury.

Airbnb for Pets

Airbnb for pets is an online platform aiming to change the travel industry by offering unique services combining airbnb with pet minding services. It allows global travelers staying in different locations in exchange for minding animals of home owners. The innovative pet caring services acts as a perfect match maker for pets and caregivers. Expanding the general airbnb business model, the airbnb for pets has so many options.

Airbnb for Office Space

Just like Airbnb renting homes, apartments, there are many platforms introducing co working space that connects user to open co working spaces. That letting small teams and companies rent their office space on daily or weekly or monthly basis. The office space rental companies such as “Crossiant” is offering office space for more than 80 different co working spaces. LiquidSpace and SharedDesk are another best example for office space rentals companies.

Airbnb for Camping

Airbnb for camping connects adventurers with private land owners who want to share their land to experience new places. They can discover fully developed campsite on private lands that perfect for different camping occasions.

Airbnb for Equipment

Airbnb for equipment online platform is introduced with the goal of making equipment ownership affordable. By adopting the sharing economy model used by airbnb, it was initially platform for buying, renting and sharing equipment.

Airbnb for Food

Airbnb for food offers you to explore thousands of delicious food experienced global. People can share their passion for cooking and find cooking classes and food tours by joining the community in the platform.

Airbnb for Camera gears

Airbnb for cameras helps you to find everything you need for your shoot in online camera rental system. People can rent cameras, lens rentals and more straight from creative people in neighborhood area.

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