Tips to run successful ecommerce business

  • 09 Apr 2019
Tips to run successful ecommerce business

Creating an online ecommerce store is easier nowadays. With readymade ecommerce platforms such as multi vendor ecommerce script, you can build a website instantly and start selling. But running ecommerce business is not a simple task as putting products on website and waiting for conversion to happen.As an ecommerce business owners, you need to put in some work in order to get shoppers to your site, convince them to buy and get them to return to your site again .If you are about to start ecommerce store online  who’s never had an ecommerce business before how it’s done?

Here are the few valuable tips for running successful ecommerce business. Multi vendor shopping cart platform is one of the best platform consider choosing to build your own ecommerce software.

User experience

First important steps for running successful ecommerce business are to build an ecommerce website. Readymade ecommerce platform such as multi vendor ecommerce platform is perfect to build your ecommerce website. While building your ecommerce website, it’s important to focus on user experience. Since customers don’t have the ability to walk into your store and physically see products you are selling, you want to make up for that by designing your website to be easy to use.

Factors to consider when building ecommerce website

Easy website navigation- Users should find their way around your site easily from browsing product categories to check out.

Mobile friendly-Many customers shop online right from their mobile phones and tablets, so site needs to be user friendly.

Fast page loading-53% of people will leave a website, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. Make sure to boost your website speed efficient.

Attractive design- Your ecommerce website should be visually appealing with attractive design and eye catching quality images for your products.


Now you have built an ecommerce website that your customer will like and next step in running successful ecommerce business is to drive traffic to your site. If you don’t have visitors to your website, you won’t have any customers, will you?

In many ways you can bring quality traffic to your ecommerce website. Two of the most effective and successful ways are by doing SEO and creating quality content. Optimize your website for SEO and it will help in achieving higher ranking in search engine results .Creating quality contents such as blog content will help you more to solve your customers’ problems .Create useful content of gift guide by including keywords your audience used to search for .This will help your site get found more online shoppers. More traffic means, more customers for you.

Best customer service

Quality of your customer service can break your ecommerce business. 52% of customers stated that good customer service interaction influenced them to purchase more from company. 58% of customer recommended those to others as well. Offer your customers with best customer service such as always being available to customers for support. Customers should be able to reach you through, phone no, mail, live chat featured on your website. Solve your customer’s queries and issues quickly by offering fast customer service.

Get social

To drive traffic to your ecommerce website, you need to get social. Your audience is on social media, so your ecommerce business needs to be there too. Promoting your ecommerce website in social media is best way to bring more traffic to your site and introduce your business to millions of people out there in social media.

Share great-looking photos of your products on Instagram and use relevant hash tags to broaden your reach and get more eyes on your post. Just remember to link your ecommerce website in your bio.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to boost engagement and build trustful relationship with customers and generate more sales. With email marketing, anything you want to say to customers, you have the ability to go straight into their inbox and tell them.Whether to introduce new product or promote a sale, you have direct path to connect with customers through email marketing.So, you need to build powerful mailing list. Give users a reason to sign up for your email list, like access to exclusive deals or a discount in exchange for their email address, and they won’t hesitate to join.

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