Shopurfood-Best Online Food Ordering & Delivery Script

Shopurfood-Best Online Food Ordering & Delivery Script

Online food ordering marketplace is one of the areas which holds great prospect for all business aspirants. This script act as a platform which connects the restaurants and customers digitally. Due to the growing inclination among two ends to carry forward everything online, various developments are on the rise.

But, do you think are they good enough to overcome the prevailing difficulties? If so, what are the difficulties?

      Bewilder display of a restaurant’s menu and related entries.

      Incredible reporting system to ensure prompt service
     Giving space for the users.

     To have a web platform, that supports future extension.

     To have a mobile app, that extends the reach-ability.

In order to overcome the aforementioned challenges, you should consider following strategies.

To make the things easy, it’s essential to have a comprehensive and faultless showcase of restaurant’s menu, price, and most importantly Add-ons.

The script must contain with every key procedures and functionality that an online food servicing business entails.

Above all, it should be highly compatible, scalable and usable across multiple devices.

Moreover, it must be adaptable for all future extensions, both for the business and technological demands.


SHOPURFOOD is designed to remove the existing complexity of the online food ordering and delivery business. It is the clone of Talabad/Grubhub/Eat24 & built with latest technological advancements to suit your business model well. It comprises all essential features that you would love and expect. On top of that, they have featured with several beneficial inclusions to offer enhanced functionality to your web platform.

ShopUrFood-mobile app works seamlessly and gives a stable performance with an elegant look and feel. This app act as a perfect medium to exhibit restaurants delicious cuisine and also it provides a user-friendly interface for the end-user to order their foodstuff through online.  Shopurfood native app is available in platforms of both Android and iOS. Additionally, Shopurfood entitled with separate app interface for users and delivery boys. So that it’s easy for the restaurant owners to effectively track their delivery history.

Let’s have a brief look on what shopurfood exactly do.


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