How to develop mobile app for your ecommerce store?

  • 28 May 2018

Online multi vendor marketplace is reached new heights in Ecommerce business. To enhance your online business store you need mobile apps on the go to connect with customers. Today every Ecommerce store is inclined towards having a built in mobile apps for business growth. Famous online Ecommerce giant such as Amazon, Alibaba and much more has unique mobile apps to connect with mobile customers. The best reason is that online transactions are happening at store front and at the same time on mobile app.

Recent studies states that mobile app traction is higher when compared to website. Ecommerce giant Amazon have highest share rise during holiday season. Nearly 72% of their online customers shopped through their mobile devices only.

That’s why it’s best to have a mobile app for your ecommerce store

Creating Multi vendor mobile app

Creating mobile application in multi vendor ecommerce platform in Open source can be well utilized. This stand alone platform is wise to choose and educate non-technical person about using this mobile app.

Why open source platform?

Open source provides high quality, flexibility and reliability with low investment cost. This is the best reason why majority of Ecommerce businesses choose open source multi vendor software. Choosing right multi vendor marketplace comes as first to succeed in ecommerce business. After choosing best platform you have your free store front. Now question comes up, how to convert your web store into marketplace?

Assume that you have used Laravel ecommerce multi vendor marketplace platform for developing website. You are done with multi vendor website and need to develop mobile application for multi vendor marketplace. For creating mobile application Laravel ecommerce comes up with open source solutions. It has stunning feature packed in open source ecommerce mobile app for ecommerce marketplace. App builder support and fits well for your marketplace requirements. Multi vendor mobile app works well for web store and online marketplaces.

How does mobile app works?

After purchasing this extension you have your multi-vendor application work in following ways

  • Customer View/Front

Mobile app builder is full featured customer centric online mobile application.

Customers can purchase their products from various vendors under same check out

  • Browse Complete Product Catalog
  • A complete access to customers.
  • Add/Delete products from the Cart.
  • Access to the Wish list.
  • Purchase various products from different vendors.
  • Order Notifications.
  • Push notifications.
  • E-mail Notifications.

Customer Panel

     This part will provide a complete customer profile management

  • View ordered products
  • Manage their Account
  • Change Password
  • View their Order Information


Some of the features that the app will provide 

  • Store front
  • Each merchant have their own store front where their products only displayed
  • Build your brand
  • You can build your own brand with our white labeled mobile apps
  • Source code
  • Leverage the power of ownership over source code for both Android & IOS apps. 

Recent statistics show that the mobile applications result in more traction of traffic than website itself. So it's vital and at the same time very important to have a multi-channel mobile app option to get your sales increasing.