How to Choose the Best Online Rental Script for your Vacation Rentals Business

How to Choose the Best Online Rental Script for your Vacation Rentals Business

As per the statistics 80% is the approximate number of online travel bookings estimated to be made across the world. Isn’t that alarming? It is exciting too that is if you are a person with an excellent business perspective.

Think of this context. All these travelers will inevitably require some kind of accommodation that should be safe, comfortable and affordable.  57% of online travel bookings are made through Mobile devices, so this time is ripe for launching perfect online rental software that can connect the dots for a flourishing business.

What is the need of Online Rental Platforms?

The working model of online rental platforms is pretty simple. Property owners (hosts) with (extra) vacant space to let out on a short/long term basis get connected with travelers (guests) with the help of an online rental website.

Individuals, existing hotel chains and new ventures are sketching for a plot to make a grand entrance in the online property rental business need a secure, reliable and scalable vacation rental script.

A readymade vacation rental script will bring in several benefits like:

  1. ·         Instant launch
  2. ·         Versatile customizations
  3. ·         Industry-specific widgets
  4. ·         Bug-free code
  5. ·         They’re a lot cheaper

Making a Smart Choice of a Vacation Rental Script

A vacation rental script powered by the latest technology can bring about a turnaround in your business. If well-chosen, the holiday property rental script will make things easier for you as an entrepreneur. It will save time and effort which can otherwise be wisely spent on other business matters that demand your immediate attention.

A smart choice of a best property rental script saves trouble that otherwise is inevitable. Here are some features you must look for in an ideal vacation rental script:

Admin friendly Features: From commission calculations to guests and ad monetization, site-admin should be provided with complete control over the PHP rental script. The vacation rental script must also enable the admin to customize it any custom attribute that the business model demands.

Host Friendly features: Think of vacation property rental software that will let hosts plan future bookings, daily analytic reports, manage multiple properties, fix periodical preventive maintenance for properties and so on.

Revenue models: The site admin get revenue from two major sources: Property listing module and Experience listing module. By default our script offers property/experience listing fees, property/experience booking fees. You can customize this commission module based on your requirements

Responsive design: At present, a web application which can work as per the screen of desktop, mobile, tablet will only stand in the market. This makes us to tap the mobile and tablet users. Research says increase in sales happen when user searches using Mobile.

Periodic Updates: Technology must change at the speed of light. The script should adapt periodical updates.

Bug free coding: Buying a feature rich property rental script that is infested with bugs doesn’t make sense. That is why it is recommended to go for a trial before you purchasing the script.

Customer support: The choice of a best property rental script will end up with round the clock assistance through email, instant messaging or even telephonic assistance.

HOMESTAYDNN - The Best Vacation Rental Script you need

HOMESTAYDNN weighs high on all features that make up a top-notch php vacation rental script. This script has already touched great milestones in sales numbers. It continues to wow its users with fully-geared features like video banners, featured properties, hourly booking, multi-domain license, 100% source code, social logins/sharing, commission module etc.

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