How to Build a Website like Airbnb?

How to Build a Website like Airbnb

Airbnb is launched in 2008 with just a simple idea to rent out vacant room/spaces. In just 9 years, Airbnb grows to a $10 billion dollar company which spread across the world with millions of users.

Today, Airbnb becomes one of the top successful business models. How did this happen? They simply offered a unique way to find accommodations rather than staying in Hotels.

Work-flow of Airbnb

To put simply, Airbnb is an online vacation rental website in which the travelers can book their short-term or long-term lodgings. Airbnb does not own any properties of its own. It acts as a mediator between travelers who want affordable and reliable stays and verified property owners who have vacant space to let out for some extra cash. Airbnb earns by charging a transaction fee from travelers for each successful booking and as well as listing fees from property owners.

How to Build a Website like Airbnb?

As if now, we can see a great progress in the travel and tourism industry many business people are trying to make an entry. Since Airbnb becomes a successful business model, many people are aware of this and they are ready to invest in this sharing economy.  

The next question is how to create an airbnb-like website? The first way is to approach a website builder who can get the work started off from scratch and conclude it with a just normal hotel booking website. But you cannot run a successful online business by having this kind of websites, it will not earn for you and you’ll be failed.  

Don’t worry! You have another smart option. It is a brilliant idea to invest in a ready-to-solution, i.e. readymade vacation rental software that is ready to launch and use. You may think that why a readymade solution? This kind of vacation rental software is simple, easy and does not require one to invest any more time and money in developing the intricacies of the website.

Revenue Models of Airbnb

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