How to build a Multi-Service Application like Gojek?

  • 30 Aug 2022
gojek clone

From being a nice-to-have to must-haves, web and mobile applications have gained prominence in today’s digitally driven world. With the increase in the penetration of the internet and the number of smartphone users, applications connect businesses to customers and vice-versa. Shopping for a product or availing of service has become easier than ever, and the ability to shop anything from anywhere anytime offers a luxurious bid like no other.

This blog endeavors to present different ways to upgrade your multi-service application, and the essential features needed for the effective functioning of multi-service applications.

Ways To Upgrade Your Multi-Service Application

If you have a multi-service application, there is a constant need to scale with changing user preferences and requirements. Following are some of the ways to upgrade your multi-service application.

Add multi-currency options

For your application to be used by people from across the world, you need to integrate the application with multiple languages and currencies. People prefer transacting in their own currencies as it increases the credibility of the multi-service marketplace. Integrating the multi-currency feature into the application should be an important feature you should consider when you are upgrading your multi-service application.

Real-time analytics

If you have a multi-service application and you would want to upgrade this, real-time analytics is an important consideration. Advanced technological options and real-time analytics shall help you generate insights into the customer demand and requirements and help you widen your customer base. The service provider shall analyze the quality of service and understand the room for improvements.

Commission Management

Admin of the multi-service application gets a commission for each and every service that gets booked through the application. While building a multi-service application, you may give options for the admin to maintain and manage commission calculations through the application. The transparency would attract more service providers.

Integrate multi-communication features into the app

The multi-service application must offer the customers the ability to connect and communicate with service providers. In-app messaging and calls could help them communicate seamlessly and effortlessly.

Social media integration

Integrating the multi-service booking app with social media platforms would ease the signup and login. This way users don’t have to enter their personal details each time they log in to the multi-service app.

Why choose Gojek-clone app?

Accessible from anywhere, anytime

A notable advantage of the gojek-clone apps is that people can access essential services from anywhere, anytime. From taxis and handymen to food, groceries, and medicines, people can access services right at the moment there is a need.

Increase the reach of your brand

With the Gojek clone app, the business has the potential to reach a large set of customers. The Gojek clone app helps improve the visibility of your brand and build a loyal base of customers.

Convenience and safety

The emergence of COVID-19 propelled the use and penetration of on-demand multi-service apps. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were reluctant to go out and do their purchases. On-demand multi-service apps presented convenient options for the customer to purchase and meet their essential needs without having to go anywhere.

Low cost

In Gojek-clone apps, because there are separate app and web panels, business owners can set up their marketplace at a minimal cost. All that they endure is the cost of maintaining the application.

Multiple services in a go

In Gojek-clone apps, we display a plethora of services on a single window. This is very convenient for the user as it reduces the hassles involved in looking through different apps to avail themselves of different services.


With the increase in penetration of mobile phones, people rely on mobile apps to execute different activities in their day-to-day lives. The multi-service application should be mobile-friendly allowing people to access the services from their mobile.

Key features of a Gojek-Clone Application

Easy registration

The first step for customers using the Gojek-clone application is to register themselves on the app. The application provides multiple options for login and they are linked to social media and emailing platforms to make this process easy.

Display the status of service availability

The Gojek-clone app should let the customers understand the status of service availability in case they want to book one. On the other hand, the driver or other service provider should have the option of accepting or declining the booking. In case the service is not available, the user shall be notified.

Maintains order history

The Gojek-clone application should offer the service provider as well as the user, an option to maintain the record. The track record would help the customers repeat the order if they wish, and they can compare the prices and make decisions accordingly.

Real-time tracking

The Gojek-clone application lets the drivers or service providers, as well as the customers, know the status of the order. The real-time tracking option lets the user know the location of the driver or the vehicle and displays the estimated time on the screen of the mobile application. This lets drivers reach the location at ease.

Easy, flexible modes of payment

The Gojek-clone application should provide the customers with flexible modes of payment. The application integrates different payment options including credit card, debit card, net banking, Paypal, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery. This increases the reliability and credibility of the multi-service platform.