How much does it Cost to develop an Multi vendor eCommerce Website like Flipkart/Amazon

  • 31 Aug 2017

Multi-vendor marketplace website technically requires a huge digital infrastructure which facilitates millions of queries at a given time, connects multiple servers, balance server loads, secured payment transactions and do a lot more in a given time.

I know, most of us would have speculated about the cost of building a marketplace website. Whenever we say marketplace, we couldn’t avoid giant brands like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. And in the Asian market, big players like Flipkart and Alibaba are the most wanted multi vendor marketplace websites.

How much does it Cost to build an eCommerce Website?

It’s not a simple task. The cost to create n multi vendor eCommerce website like Flipkart, eBay, Etsy, & Amazon is hard to figure out easily, because the cost of building a multi vendor e-commerce website of such big proportions involves key factors like design expenses, hosting expenses, standard platform based development, payment gateway integration and much more.

So let’s try estimating the cost for developing each essential part a multi vendor store separately which will eventually give us a much closer figure. Now, let’s get started with the design part.

User Interface/Experience Design

Your website theme is brand’s presence. Make sure it’s unique, attractive, and flawless. Your theme should be:

  1. Mobile & fluidic responsive
  2. Customizable
  3. Easily navigable
  4. Provisions for ad banners
  5. Accommodate sidebar widgets

When it comes to the cost for a multi vendor marketplace web design, it is quite difficult to determine it. On an average, the cost will be around $20 to $40 for a single web page and if it is an established web company it would be $60 to $200/hr. It is advisable that you should get into a proper research of the web companies before you get onboard with your project.

Development, of both frontend and backend, is the technical backbone of your website. It completely depends on how sophisticated you need your website to be on the level of personalization which claim additional development effort to customize a basic e-commerce framework to suit your specific needs.

Choosing a Standard Platform

Laravel Framework is becoming the most sought after e-commerce development platform. It offers lower development and maintenance costs due to its open source nature. Forget to pay for costly licenses. These frameworks allow development of feature rich, customizable and scalable e-commerce solutions to create, promote, and manage an engaging and responsive e-commerce website. Better security for financial transactions with built-in security features.

Reliable and consistent user experience with plug-ins, templates, and components that can be incorporated in an online store such as product inventory, online payment gateway, multiple currencies, languages, etc. And many benefits are there. You’ll get an e-commerce website that is compatible across operating systems and optimized to perform well across mobile devices.

Payment Gateway Integration's

Payment gateway integration is the most important part as they mediate the transactions between you and your customers by maintaining complete secrecy of their card details and pin numbers. Make sure the payment gateway which you choose to support the multiple currencies in which your customers are convenient with. A majority of payment gateways come for free while a few demand a charge in the form of commissions only in the cases like currency conversions etc.

Other Costs Adding Factors Include

I. Customization

Every business is unique and so are their demands. To meet your specific business demands, you might need a development company to perform a series of customizations and this part will add to the capital spending on erecting your unique multi vendor e-commerce store.

Is there any Alternative to Build an Amazon like Marketplace Website?

Yes, Laravel Ecommerce’s multi-vendor ready-made e-commerce script it there for the rescue. This ready-made script can save you from the efforts, time and money. This script simplifies the complicated development tasks to just simple configurations and settings. It reduces time-to-market. This script carries all the advancements made in the latest version of Laravel Framework.