Give a new definition to your Multi Vendor Marketplace with Laravel Ornate- Fancy Clone

  • 05 Dec 2017

We all may come across various ideas from many mentors to launch your multi-vendor eCommerce platform. We will be a complete difficulty to choose the best solution which meets us for a long-term business journey. The fundamental point that you have to keep in mind before launching any type of online business is, it should be highly user-friendly. To be shorter the website should be readily accessible and easily navigatable to understand what’s there on the website to surf and search for the new visitors or users.

In that note to make a multivendor marketplace which is more user-friendly, our social eCommerce script can help you to design your online multi-vendor marketplace to be more powerful on factors like usability and stability.

Take a look at the features which establishes your online website to be the one among the best online shopping cart,


Integration of social media login for the time concerned users to get easy access to your website. Skip all the outdated signup forms which really a tiresome chore for the new visitors, just to view what’s on your website.

Static search bar and filter options for the users to explore products anywhere on the website. Advanced search options for the users to look for the product color, price, and category.
Gift cards for sending gifts to their beloved one, those gift cards can be used by the recipient to buy items in the same shopping cart itself.
Social media trends like @users to mention people into the website and #tags to find the popular and hot topics on your e-commerce platform.
 'Like' option to like your favorite products as a collection to retrieve it back. A user can make followers and follow other user’s activity and profile.
Shipping and the delivery module for the sellers to maintain their shipping process and to fix the shipping charge for each product they add.


Laravel Ornate-Fancy Clone can be used as a normal multi-vendor marketplace that is enriched with some features of social media.