Get More Bookings with HOMESTAYDNN Airbnb clone script

  • 05 May 2018

Many Airbnb hosts are looking for ways to “Get more Airbnb Bookings”. They do extensive search on this when they rent out their own flat. If you improve your Airbnb search and listing rankings, you can get more bookings and inquiries.

We put down some of important techniques to improve Airbnb search rankings to get more bookings.

Improving Airbnb rankings

Make sure your Airbnb listing is optimized for Airbnb search. Your Airbnb listing should appear first when a potential customer searched for listing in Airbnb clone script. Higher your listing appears in search results, bigger impact you will get in clicks, inquiries and bookings. This process eventually increases your profit in vacation rental business.

Pay attention to following Airbnb ranking factors

Response time-Respond quickly to inquiries to get better ranking in search results

Instant booking- This function improves the response time which in turn boost overall Airbnb ranking

High quality images–Put High quality images on your listing and have more of it

Reviews- large number of reviews will boost your ranking

Complete listing-Fill all information in your listing

Name of attraction & places- Include name of nearby attraction or places in headline of listing and repeat it in description also

5 star reviews-More 5 star reviews, better ranking position in Airbnb listing

Frequent login-If you login frequently, you can improve your rankings .Login daily and spend time on your listing to boost the ranking

Descriptive & updated listing-Guests will look for accurate and high quality listings. If they see your listing in search result and it boost your ranking performance in future as well

Social Media Marketing

Start using major social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google plus to show off your listings.

Facebook-Create Facebook business page and advertise on it to connect with potential customers. Target your ads to potential audience group to get more profit from FB advertising.

Google plus-Create Google business page and your properties appear on Google maps as well. This will help you to get more bookings from people looking for accommodation in your region.

Instagram-Post attractive high quality images of your listing in your Instagram account. Follow and connect with influencers in your niche industry. Conduct contest and offer giveaway to your potential audience in Instagram.

Advertising property outside

In order to increase your vacation rental listing visibility there are many ways to market your property outside Airbnb website

Sign up with trusted vacation rental sites

List your property on Airbnb alternative sites –If you do listing your site in trusted vacation rental site, your rental listing will get displayed throughout its network across many countries

Create own website

This is another best way to show off your listing outside Airbnb. With your own website, you can get direct bookings and avoid paying to Airbnb fees. Optimize your website to search engines. Follow these effective tips to optimize your website and content for search engines

  • Use high quality images to attract potential guests
  • Focus on important keywords
  • Use important tools such as keyword planner for keyword and content optimization

HomestayDNN will help you throughout your journey. We have tailor-made business solutions to attain a rapid growth in your business.