Factors affecting customer experience in last-mile delivery

  • 06 Dec 2022
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In today’s world, customers of e-commerce platforms are increasing day by day. In one way or the other people are dependent on last-mile deliveries to fulfill their demands of daily lives. Last-mile delivery plays an important part in transporting all kinds of goods and services successfully to customer’s doorsteps.

Things like food items, medicines, groceries etc are delivered to customer destinations through hyper-local deliveries from local business sectors. Few startup companies rely to focus on businesses that are in greater demand in the online market. Even though hyper-local deliveries are thriving in the market, last-mile deliveries are vigorously growing as e-commerce businesses have set a trend in existence.

Factors affecting customer experience

Intermittent supply chain

The supplier only dispatches the goods to its customer, other processes like logistics including shipment are carried out by third party services. The service provider assigns different teams to handle various operations involved in the sales and resolve the issues as well. The supplier does not have connection with the distribution channels in last-mile deliveries. In this scenario, any interruptions in product delivery may directly affect the sales. Sometimes, customers may experience delay in deliveries which badly influences the business that leads to loss of customers.

Ensuring timely deliveries by parcel services can improve customer satisfaction and boosts the trade. Delivery agents may not be able to access certain remote locations or some couriers may impose restrictions to render services in few areas that obviously delivers a poor customer experience.

Poor technology

Innovative business approaches and strategic planning can help your delivery services better. Incorporating advanced technologies to develop your business platforms can improve the overall performance of the app. Therefore the delivery services can be expanded wider with a contemporary state-of-the-art. Building a delivery app with substandard features is a matter of concern when it comes to delivery as it can lower customer experience.

Delivery lags

In last-mile deliveries, the probability of lags is noticeably more. On-time deliveries cannot be assured and the delivery usually gets delayed. Accelerating the deliveries with cutting-edge software can fulfill the customer expectations. Customers prefer speedy deliveries that let them list the app at the top.


In-last mile deliveries, delivery time is inevitable and that brings anxiety to customers. Customers expect couriers to arrive at their time of convenience and the delivery services sometimes may fail to meet the expectations. Hence this becomes one of the drawbacks in last-mile deliveries.

The bottom line

Most of the e-commerce platforms operate with the aim to deliver utmost satisfaction and user experience to their customers. On the other hand, customers look for enhanced services from online businesses. The above stated factors impact the customer experience in last-mile delivery and the on-demand delivery companies focus to overcome them in the upcoming years.