Establish successful online store with multivendor ecommerce platform

  • 16 May 2018

Multivendor marketplace is the buzzing business idea among entrepreneurs. Start ups and small businesses are creating their own multivendor ecommerce platform to earn more revenues.

Multivendor ecommerce marketplace

Multivendor marketplace software is generally place where buyer can find different products and vendors displayed on same platform. Owner of this ecommerce platform is responsible for attracting customers and transaction process. The third party vendors are responsible for manufacturing and shipping related work.

POFITEC multivendor shopping cart software is one stop solution marketplace with exclusive features to shine your online presence in Ecommerce world. This ecommerce software allows you to make your own custom features with add on functionalities.

Why multivendor shopping cart?

Reduce initial investment

Multivendor marketplace platform let vendors to handle stock on their own and reducing initial investment.

Less financial risks

  • Compared to traditional Ecommerce websites this ecommerce platform has less financial risks. Vendors need not to constantly invest in stock that may never sell.
  • Multivendor ecommerce platform enables business economy scale very effectively. It also enables to extend faster than web based business sites.
  • Ecommerce platform simply monitors the transaction between buyers and sellers. It takes steps when something goes wrong with buyer and seller.
  • It has so many options for monetization and different type products just as pure online store can afford
  • Vendors can deactivate item that has no offer with push of button.

Types of earnings in multivendor marketplace


Fee paid to sales representative in return for admin to finish deal exchange. Commission is organized by level of income and deal benefits.


Many ecommerce websites have this listing expense known as posting or listing charge. Listing charge depends on value of products for sale and number of days to keep on sale. Famous ecommerce marketplace such as Etsy charges listing fee for listing your products.

Account fees

Account fee is charged for registering and opening your account on website for selling products.

Shipping fee

It is the fee paid for spacing your products in warehouse for shipping and charged by every ecommerce marketplace.

Get started with Laravel Ecommerce Multivendor marketplace script

Laravel Ecommerce has 3 types of marketplace

  1. Marketplace Premium
  2. Marketplace Premium +
  3. Marketplace Platinum

Multivendor marketplace platform comes with multi feature extension capable of converting your ecommerce online store into famous marketplace Amazon or Etsy.


  1. Multiple domains
  2. Free technical support (3 months)
  3. Free installation
  4. Free digital marketing support
  5. Exclusive features

Premium +

  1. Native Android app
  2. 100% source code
  3. Multiple domains
  4. Free technical support (3 months)
  5. Free installation
  6. Free digital marketing support
  7. Exclusive features


  1. Native Android app
  2. Native IOS app
  3. 100% source code
  4. Multiple domains
  5. Free technical support (3 months)
  6. Free installation
  7. Free digital marketing support
  8. Exclusive features

POFITEC provides you support in launching your own ecommerce marketplace. Launch your marketplace with our open source marketplace script with easy customization of features and products.