Airbnb Clone Script – launch a profitable online rental business

  • 21 Mar 2018

We can see a great revolution in online industry since the inception of Airbnb in 2008. Across the globe, it created a big impact and it’s evident from Google trend’s search result. Airbnb redefined the online rental business. Have you ever think, what made Airbnb so popular and why many companies create Airbnb clone script to boost their business? Let’s see in detail.

Airbnb sprouts out when people found it’s felt that hotels are charging high amount with less comfort and also it’s difficult to reserve accommodation and travel around the world.  In this context, Airbnb opened their platform to make extra money by renting out vacant spaces for the travelers. The site was used by millions of people and thus its revenue is doubled in a short span of time. As Airbnb grows, their customers also get benefited in multiple ways and it becomes one of the trusted platforms in the world.

If a business model is successive in the market, it’s quite natural to copy and follow the same business logic. This happened for Airbnb also, many companies created their own Airbnb clones by incorporating the features of Airbnb. Unlike other platforms, Airbnb doesn’t lose their trademark and this attracts entrepreneurs and other investors.

Now you are clear about the market trends and possibilities of an Airbnb-like platform. But the next question is how to build Airbnb-like websites with less investment and time. To make our job easier readymade scripts are available in the market. Before investing your capital to a clone script company, you have to make sure that you will not get screwed by them. Always look into their trust and credibility factors like technology, client’s testimonial/portfolios, quality of code, support etc.

How will you find all those features together?  Simply search for ‘Homestaydnn – Airbnb Clone Script’. You can find a perfect Airbnb clone which meets all your expectation. Get a free consultation with the experts and fine-tune your business logic.