Airbnb Clone for ‘X’ Ideas

  • 31 Aug 2017

Do you know the fact? The best part of traveling is arriving at your destination in vogue. Everything else that pre-exist the arrival can be quite dragging and utterly taxing. From the lack of bike rental services to exorbitant car rentals, the list goes on that can make you wonder "Why did I even start a rental business!?"

For stalwart entrepreneurs, this is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity to reel in profits. Travel booking engines like Expedia and Kayak have become known from this realization of a business possibility. In fact, Ready Data says that nearly 60% of the entire online travel bookings made during 2016 was through the Internet. And these rates are expected to increase drastically in 2017.

Thankfully, it is no longer difficult for people with some entrepreneurial spirit to commence an online rental platform of their own. In fact, it is easy and possible with the help of some best ready-made clone scripts.

I have been following up on most of the clone scripts, some of which are going to be at the top of the charts in 2017 without fail. Make a note of this if you are planning to look into an entrepreneurial venture of online rental business.

Airbnb Clone Script for other online rental business

Homestay Day & Night promises you with all powerful features that leave an impression. The great thing about this Airbnb clone script is that it works across all modes of online rental business. From bikes to pet sitters, this Airbnb clone can be configured to create a fully functional Airbnb-like website for any sorts of business verticals.

Homestay Day & Night is a well known Airbnb Clone Script which exhibits high-class functionality. Primarily this Airbnb script is used for online vacation rental business, after the successful assignments they extend this blueprint to other business verticals also. They experimented on the same Airbnb clone script for car rentals, bike rentals, boat rentals, house rentals, space rentals and so on.

You can experience the exact Airbnb-like platform in each of those rental platforms. The main highlights of this script is that along with all the features they provide 100% Source code with multi domain license, native android & iOS app, flexible pricing, commission module and much more.

So share your business ideas with HomestayDNN, they will bestow with best ideas for your second thoughts.