Advantages of building your own online ecommerce marketplace

  • 11 Jul 2018

The demand for ecommerce marketplace continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. Ecommerce sales are growing faster adopting to new trends and market concepts of online marketplace. Before you start your own online ecommerce business, you should know how ecommerce marketplace such as multi vendor platform evolved in business and its future.

What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce is generally compasses commercial transaction that carried information transfer across the internet. Thus Ecommerce takes multiple formats and includes many branded website such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and much more. There are many ways to sell your ecommerce products to customers anywhere and anytime. With promising great demand in ecommerce online marketplace, many retailers are considering ecommerce business.

Ecommerce marketplace

Ecommerce marketplace such as multi vendor marketplace script is a website or app that offers shopping from many different sources. The admin or operator of the ecommerce platform present other vendor’s inventory to user and conduct secured transaction. Popular ecommerce marketplace eBay or Amazon are best examples for online marketplace and they sell other vendor products to everyone with types.

Great user experience & convenience to consumers made online marketplace most demanded business concept over the last few decades. If you are planning to start an online grocery store it’s using concept of  “Marketplace” where user access vendor’s products which are not owned by you. It’s a bigger concept than regular ecommerce website as it could offer many advantages. The real time information of each product is presented to users in online marketplace. Consumers don’t like to use app from single retailer and looks for app offers broader product range than single store. This is the major appeal why you should consider opting for ecommerce marketplace instead of regular store.

Types of Marketplaces

·         Vertical

·         Horizontal

·         Global


Vertical marketplace sells products from many sources with one type.If a website sells only jewelry and its related products it’s an example for “Vertical” Marketplace.


Horizontal marketplace sells products of many types by sharing characteristic. Users can see products from different vendors at the same time in app also. It concentrates on offering customers multiple products across many types of retailers.


Global marketplace sells everything and best example is eBay website. It concentrates offering efficient marketplace for community of people. They can find fair price and comparison and getting value for money.

Laravel ecommerce multi vendor shopping cart

Multi vendor marketplace is one of the best online ecommerce marketplace platforms best for starting your own online marketplace in ecommerce. It’s the best readymade application suitable for any type of ecommerce business such as shopping site, grocery, catering and more. To be a successful entrepreneur in multi vendor ecommerce business, you have to choose the right and best multi vendor shopping cart. You should compare the pricing and quality features with the multi vendor marketplace software available in the market.