Instagram for restaurants: 8 Overwhelming strategies that works well

  • 04 May 2021
restaurant marketing tips for instagram

The restaurant Instagram marketing has become a growing trend these days. As Instagram is one of the top social networking platforms with over a billion users and among that 80% follow business accounts. Using this media, restaurants share ubiquitous photos and videos that engage a wide range of users. After all, who doesn’t like to be Instafamous?

To engage tech-savvy customers, restaurateurs must have a strong presence on social networks. Ofcourse, there are so many restaurant marketing strategies out there. But ‘Instagrammable’ strategies are one best option that restaurants can opt to increase their reach and attract new customers.

1. Use Trending Hashtag

Have you heard of user-generated hashtags? 
Just mention a relevant hashtag in your restaurant Instagram business account bio. Ask customers to post Instagram photos with that hashtag in your restaurant. This can help you to track user-generated contents accordingly.
What is user-generated content?
The photos or videos of your customers and restaurant taken by anyone is user generated content. Reposting these photos or videos is one of the best restaurant marketing strategies on Instagram. Still unsure of user generated content? Have a look at the following reasons before you consider instagram marketing in 2021:

  • This helps to showcase genuine dining experience to users
  • You can build your own community
  • Increases user engagement

2. Plan Social Media Campaigns

A restaurant marketing strategy that most businesses follow is running effective campaigns during social media holidays. As you know, there are so many food and drink days popularly celebrated on Instagram and Twitter. For instance, #WorldVeganDay is one of the famous hashtags across social networks. Try to incorporate your ideas based on these events and create contents to increase your brand reputation online.  

3. Be Consistent with Colour Palettes

Instagram marketing works best with consistent colour palettes that you choose. Let it be the colour of your restaurant dishes or outlook, just stick to one unique theme and focus your content towards it. try and stick to a consistent colour palette. As Instagram restaurant marketing is completely visual, you must be creative and maintain cohesive feed to attract more customers.

4. Post Story Highlights

Another important restaurant Instagram marketing tip is Story highlights. In any social media marketing platforms, providing necessary information to users is the key driving force. When a user enters your business profile, ensure to list out all the amenities and cuisines you have in the restaurant to customers. These story highlights are very helpful and act as a website that navigates potential customers to your brand.

5. Create a Simple, Unique and Instagrammable Brand Symbol

As aforementioned, Instagram is all about virtual exposure. In order to create an effective brand symbol on Instagram, you can highlight attractive, photographable and unique things in your restaurant.  This ‘cool Instagrammable posts’ not just converts your potential customers into brand ambassadors but also attracts new users.   Most users remember a brand with it’s symbol rather than company names, so work on it.  

6. Partner With Food Influencers & Bloggers

Food industry is the most popular niche one can find on Instagram as everyone likes to try different cuisines. There are so many food bloggers and influencers who share popular restaurant recipes, menus and amazing recommendations. They also have millions of followers on the internet and that’s why this marketing strategy can be helpful to attract new customers. You can easily partner with such influencers and promote your restaurants to a wide customer base. 

7. Run Promotions and Giveaways

Promotions, and giveaway competitions are the most valuable instagram marketing tips for restaurant business. Engage with your audience in real time using competitions, this will help restaurants to increase engagements, get likes and comments from followers. By following these strategies, you can increase your brand awareness and reach more customers at the same time. To run competitions, you need to consider following things, 

  • Method of entry
  • Winners Prize
  • How winners will be selected
  • How customers can redeem the prize
  • Terms & Conditions

8. Photography Tip: Make use of Flat Lay Shot 

Make use of flat lay shots and create the most engaging effect that attracts users
Choosing the natural lights can be good especially for restaurants
Decorative items and eye-catching stuff can act as a limelight to your restaurant profile

Wrap up!

These are the most essential instagram marketing tips for restaurants. Try to test out all the strategies and then find which works best for your business. As every business is different and has their own strategies when it comes to marketing. But Instagram marketing is something that works wonders across most restaurant businesses.