5 crucial ecommerce marketing tactics to drive more sales

  • 25 Jul 2018

Want more traffic and increased sales for your online ecommerce store? Of course you do. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you will expect more sales and revenue. That’s why we put together crucial marketing tactics for you to try today for your ecommerce marketplace. If you are wondering whether you are doing the most you can do to drive more visitors and this post definitely help you to achieve it. You just implement one of these following tactics for the next two weeks and evaluate the results at the end of the week. Figure out what worked best for your online ecommerce software.

The idea behind our post is to get your new visitors and get more loyal visitors and get back lost visitors.

1.Reduce Shopping cart Abandonment

When you miss your potential orders you will lose your revenue. Every online store is missing its potential orders at some extent. According to recent survey, nearly 68% of shopping carts are abandoned before they completed. It’s worth to take your time to resolve this shopping cart abandonment. It’s a must included tactics because significant number of people who abandoned shopping cart may lead to purchase.

Simple and effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is “Email recovery campaign” to convince customers to complete their purchase. Offer them with attractive discount or free shipping to make them as loyal customers.

2.Product up selling

Product up selling concept is 20 times more effective than cross selling online. For an instance, are any of your products better than others with special components? Make sure to emphasize the difference and ask if customers ready to make an upgrade with it.

Key points

  • Make your upsell related to your original product
  • Keep in mind that your product must fit original need of your customers.

3.Facebook store

Facebook is major platform for social media marketing. It takes the big share of orders placed from social media marketing. You can sell directly on Facebook with face book store with easy set up and drive more sales.

4.Email campaigns

It’s not enough just to capture bunch of email addresses. You have to send your customers with regular emails. There is lot of occasions for sending emails that your email subscriber appreciates. ”Welcome emails” are best example for effective email campaigns. Send a welcome email as soon as customers sign up your services. It has the highest open rates of marketing emails.

Another example is, sending out regular newsletters that let your customers to know of discounts, product tips and company news.

5.Responsive website design

If your ecommerce store is badly designed then you are losing customers. Robust and highly responsive multi vendor ecommerce marketplace is best example for bringing great web user experience. Attractive social ecommerce features and functionality assures best conversions of potential orders to your ecommerce store.

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