Clients Requirements

The clients need a vacation rental web application like airbnb that enables people to search and list rental space like holiday rentals, apartments, rental homes etc. The web application should be highly interactive and functional for guest as well as for the hosts. Philippines geographical map has to be embedded in the homepage in order to make the search query even simpler. Once user placed the mouse pointer over the map, it shows the rentals space which is available in the particular location. So that user may find cozy to use this interface. A trust verification factor needs to be included between the guest and host for the credibility.


  • Build up an airbnb clone website which allows listing, search and book accommodation through online
  • Give space for hosts to showcase their rental properties and a dashboard feature for tracking their sales conversion
  • Host are able to list their properties by various means like hourly pricing, day pricing, monthly pricing, amenities, types of homes, apartment, photos, detailed descriptions, payment transactions etc
  • Integrated geographical map of Philippines to make a simple search query for finding the property listings. It will list out only the property counts of the particular locations
  • SMS gateway integration has been implemented for the verification process among Host and Guest.


Integration of map using ‘jQuery Script Map’ for advanced search option. It’s easy for the users to know about the number of properties available in the locations while your mouse pointer passes over the map.


Geo-based listing of rental property is highly attracting feature in this platform, it simplifies the search options for the users to locate the rentals. This is another airbnb-like platform which is running successfully in the Philippines.